Multi-Modality Session

One & a half hour Session Cost $75.00 (Recommended for First Session)

One hour Session Cost $65.00

Our session together begins with quick introductions so I can get to know you and to ensure that you are comfortable with me; I will also answer any question you may have. Your session will take place in a quiet atmosphere on a comfortable massage table fully clothed. If you would like to include crystals, (there is no extra charge) I will put a top sheet over you to support the gemstones.

I begin with Reiki which is hands on or just off the body depending on your comfort level. You will feel warmth for certain, sometimes a tingling sensation and will become very relaxed. Reiki typically puts a person into a quiet peaceful state. It is okay to fall asleep. Reiki is a Japanese word that means waves of energy or light; I am working with this safe and very ancient healing vibration all throughout your session.

I then use my Matrix Energetics training working with the quantum field to remove old patterns that you can choose whether or not you want to let go of. I follow my inner heart guidance & intuition during the Matrix Energetics. I finish up with more Reiki then remove the gemstones. If at any time you feel the need to talk or need me to be aware of any unpleasant sensations I encourage you to tell me immediately during the session.

Please understand that you are in control of our session, we are our own healers. I am a teacher who can hold a space or open a doorway while you decide what you want to happen within that space.

My intention for you is to awaken to a blissful state of happiness, abundance and health, this is our birthright. We are all one and deserve a lifetime filled with inner bliss.

Upper Valley Reiki & Holistic Arts

has moved in with Bear Intent LLC Massage Therapy & Bodywork 

27 Bank Street Lebanon NH 03766

I am in the white house three houses past the Ava Gallery on the left coming from downtown Lebanon. Pull in and park behind the building. As you start walking back up the driveway you will enter in the alcove on the right near the mailboxes. Once inside our studio door is on the right.

Upper Valley Reiki & Holistic Arts

27 Bank Street, Lebanon NH 03766

Office: 603-523-7772

Cell: please text: 603-852-0064