Upper Valley Reiki & Holistic Arts is now offering sessions and private classes in a new shared location!

With Bear Intent LLC Massage Therapy & Bodywork 

27 Bank Street Lebanon NH 03766

Send Darlene a text to schedule an appointment Cell: 603-852-0064

Pull in and park behind building. As you start walking back up driveway the building dents in and there will be a door and mailboxes, come in that door. Our door is on the right.

Multi-Modality Sessions

Your multi-modality session will be for one and a half hours and includes: Reiki, Matrix Energetics, and Chakra Balancing with crystals. These sessions are now offered in Lebanon, NH at 27 Bank Street.

To schedule a one and a half hour multi-modality session with Darlene please email: darlene@uppervalleyreiki.com or text 603-523-7772. The cost for one session is $75.00

Book three sessions and save $30.00! The cost for three one and a half hour sessions if booked in advance is $195.00!

Our session together begins with quick introductions so I can get to know you and to ensure that you are comfortable with me; I will also answer any question you may have. Your session will take place in a quiet atmosphere on a comfortable massage table fully clothed. If you want to include crystals for no extra charge, I will put a top sheet over you to support the gemstones.

I begin with Reiki which is hands on or just off the body depending on your comfort level. You will feel warmth for certain, sometimes a tingling sensation and will become very relaxed. Reiki typically puts a person into a quiet peaceful state. It is okay to fall asleep. Reiki is a Japanese word that means waves of energy or light; I am working with this safe and very ancient healing vibration all throughout your session.

I then use my Matrix Energetics training working with the quantum field to remove old patterns that you can choose whether or not you want to let go of. I follow my inner heart guidance & intuition during the Matrix Energetics. I finish up with more Reiki then remove the gemstones. If at any time you feel the need to talk or need me to be aware of any unpleasant sensations I encourage you to tell me immediately during the session.

Please understand that you are in control of our session, we are our own healers. I am a teacher who can hold a space or open a doorway while you decide what you want to happen within that space.

My intention for you is to awaken to a blissful state of happiness, abundance and health, this is our birthright. We are all one and deserve a lifetime filled with inner bliss.

Upper Valley Reiki & Holistic Arts

27 Bank Street, Lebanon NH 03766

Office: 603-523-7772

Cell: please text: 603-852-0064

Email: darlene@uppervalleyreiki.com