Virgina and Darlene Bailey

To Mom my spiritual mentor, thank you for setting my feet upon this path!

Our world today can feel so frantic, disconnected and LOUD that the desire to build a more peaceful reality seems self-indulgent and misdirected.  Conversations about the hope for a more peaceful and loving society are more likely to be met with doubt than agreement. Are you on a quest to find others like you who believe that there has to be a way to create the peace and love that we are all seeking?

This is why I began my journey with Reiki. I’ve searched a long time for the means, a way, a vehicle to be able to connect with others on a new and peace filled level. Reiki has been that stage to meet others on and create new bonds that wake up the side of us that has been dormant for a very long time.

For those who want to create change in their lives, find more stability and peace but are unsure how to unlock it; Reiki can be the doorway, a way to experience the energy and self-assurance you are seeking.   It’s about waking up to YOUR own reality, by turning inwards and discovering for yourself your personal process of awakening.

When we begin a session together, I am unlocking the door and asking if you want to join me in walking through. If you choose to step through the door with me, you will experience the energy and self-confidence you are seeking in your day to day life. With Reiki you awaken yourself to a deep, quiet, powerful energy connecting to all things. You turn inward to find your own path to this energy. This is your personal journey. I am but a temporary guide and companion.

Reiki is for anyone who wants to create change in their lives and find greater stability, true happiness, and peace. So, I invite you to walk with me for a while within this place of peace.

Darlene L. Bailey

Darlene received intensive Reiki training at Kripalu, offered by Audrey and James Pearson, in June of 2012. After a year of self-balancing and meditation she attained her Gokuikaiden Shihan (Fourth degree Reiki Master Teacher). She is a member of the Gendai Reiki Network in Ashiya Japan.

Personal Statement

My life’s purpose is to continuously be the awakened being that I know that I am in this moment; and to share this awareness with anyone who longs for a happy peace filled life. There is no wrong or right way to get to this place of awareness. This state of awareness is for anyone, no matter their personal history, their chosen religion. This is for any Being, and I look forward to joining you on your journey.